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About Us

Woodstock Media Group

Experience at work for you

Established in 1987 by a twenty-+ year radio executive, privately owned Woodstock Media Group (for over 24 years known only as On-Hold Concepts), today, includes a team of administrative, media, sales and production personnel, many with over 20 years experience in their chosen field, and some who have been with the company since near its’ beginning over 30 years ago. In addition, our staff includes several Radio/Music Industry veterans and a senior copywriter with 30+ years experience. With our roots in broadcasting, we enjoy relationships with many professionals, some that voice exclusively for us scattered from coast to coast.

Big enough to service any account or industry…

A recent move to the name ‘Woodstock Media Group’ was necessitated due to the fact that our company provides many services beyond the scope of professional advertising on hold. We proudly serve thousands of clients throughout North America, in wholesale, retail, manufacturing and service industries in the areas of on hold advertising and music, in-office/in-store/at-the-pump music (and messaging), along with digital signage for business. Woodstock Media Group also specializes in media research, media buying and professional voicing services in just about any language on the planet.

…but small enough to immediately serve you when we’re needed.

Since we’re not a corporate monolith, you’ll always work directly with your team of professionals who will get to know you, taking a vested interest in your business. From sales to copy writing, accounting to production, when you need us, we commit to helping you when you call, not a day or week later. We mean it when we say we are a customer service and detail-oriented company. Our turn-around time for copy writing and production is second to none in our industry. Even same-day copy turn-around, as well as within-the-hour changes to your programming, may be accommodated with the appropriate equipment in place.

Our Mission Statement (authored by employees):

“We believe that everything we do helps businesses grow

by harnessing the power of a captive audience.”

Woodstock Media Group is the industry leader in the development and production of customized on hold advertising, marketing and music services for the telephone environment. Our carefully crafted and professionally produced on hold programs place your messages at the critical point of contact with those that call your business. Working in all industries and throughout North America, we serve businesses of all types and sizes and can assist with everything from copy development, voicing and production to installation–whether a one-location business or one with hundreds of locations spread out geographically. In addition to having a wonderfully diverse offering of multi-language broadcast talent for on hold messaging, voice mail and auto attendant/IVR prompts, WMG offers in-office music, messaging, and video signage for businesses of all types and sizes.

Career Opportunities

Interested in working with the world’s leader in customized on hold advertising and marketing programs for telephone systems?

Woodstock Media Group/On-Hold Concepts, founded in 1987, also offers several options for lifestyle, in-office CD-quality music, in-store overhead music and messaging, digital signage, media buying and a wide selection of professional, versatile voice talent from around the U.S. and abroad (all languages available for translation and voicing). Woodstock Media Group expects every employee to be a passionate member of our team working together for the betterment of our company and, more importantly, as a marketing partner with our clients. Everyone is responsible for growing our client base and providing the best customer service in the business, with access to some of the finest products, technology, customer service and resources in the advertising industry.

We encourage employees to grow, pursue their goals, be active in their community and contribute to the success of our company.

Benefits include medical coverage, retirement plans, vacation, paid sick leave and more. Contact us today to inquire about all current job openings, including positions in the following areas: Administration | Audio Production | Copy writing | Finance/Operations | Shipping | Marketing | Sales

EEO Statement: On-Hold Concepts is an equal opportunity employer. Equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws prohibit specific types of employment discrimination. These laws prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or status as an individual with a disability or protected veteran. Within the Department of Labor, the Employment Standards Administration’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) oversees EEO laws and regulations that apply to employers holding federal contracts and subcontracts.