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Business Music Services

Shape your business environment with Your Music. Your Brand.

Define the sound of your brand through one of four distinctly different music services customized for retail, hospitality, health and fitness, banking, automotive and more – In-Tune Music, Music Choice, PlayNetwork and SiriusXM for Business.


  • 50+ channels of CD-quality music
  • Censored for business
  • Commercial-free

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Music Choice Business Music from Woodstock Media Group

  • 50+ channels of CD-quality music
  • Censored for business
  • Commercial-free

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  • Leading global provider of background and foreground music
  • Customize your total media experience from more than 140 options

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SiriusXM for Business

  • America’s #1 satellite radio provider
  • Low-cost way to shape your audio enviornment
  • 170 channels of talk, news, sports, music, and more

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Why have music?

Psychologist, Dr. Vicky Williamson says: “Music positively influences consumer mood/emotional states through psycho-physiological reactions and autobiographical memory associations. Silence by comparison can be intrusive, as it throws unwelcome attention on the consumers’ behavior.

“Music also provides an effective and adaptable tool for bringing a sense of pleasure and relaxation to the work environment, thereby promoting a positive attitude, higher job satisfaction and boosting a sense of brand identity and loyalty. A completely silent work environment can lack stimulation, interest and, for many people, a dynamic and creative source of energy.”

Create Privacy:

Music creates the perfect mask for ambient noise in business environments, resturants, retail stores and waiting areas as well as doctor’s offices, making HIPAA compliance easier.

We make it oh-so-simple by...

  • Providing setup instructions and technical or troubleshooting assistance for any of our three background music services.
  • Taking care of all music licensing fees so you may avoid fines for playing unlicensed music.
  • Offering bundle pricing for two or more services (bundle and save on background music, on-hold advertising, commercial television, video signage and more).

Want the advantage of background music for your business?