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PlayNetwork Business Music from Woodstock Media Group

Research shows that your customers will linger longer and take more interest in your products and services when treated with a personalized audio experience. PlayNetwork can help…

You know your business and you know your customers. PlayNetwork knows how to ask you the right questions about your business and your customers and then match up the characteristics, profiles and needs you identify with the music and messages that fit your businesses needs perfectly. When PlayNetwork says that they can help you provide an audio personality for your space, they mean it…

After all, PlayNetwork is not your Grandma’s elevator music company; far from it. PlayNetwork is recognized as a global media services leader creating and delivering “personalized” experiences for business that entertain, promote and inform. With unique programming capabilities, libraries of business appropriate music soundtracks, “Business Mixes”, and audio production expertise, PlayNetwork can enable you to develop creative music programs that connect with the musical interests of targeted customers.

Serenade Customization Preview

PlayNetwork Customization with the Serenade Web Application (Click Image for more Information)

The PlayNetwork philosophy has always been that being generic is not an option for businesses. Companies who are true-to-brand and stand out, win. PlayNetwork’s faith in this notion inspires them to deliver the truest level of customization in the industry by maintaining a creative edge. The world’s top companies rely on PlayNetwork to create a vibe unlike any other.

PlayNetwork offers you the ability, if desired, to create a totally unique sound by personally selecting, mixing and matching from hundreds of music options. Choose from pre-programmed music channels or custom blend your choices into a distinctive and unique sound just for your business. PlayNetwork is used by more than 75,000 subscribers in over 87 countries.