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Woodstock Media Group/On-Hold Concepts, Inc.: a very unique collection of and connection to advertising & broadcast professionals.

Need a radio or television commercial written, voiced and produced? A print ad designed? A radio or TV ad campaign developed from creative to placement? Or perhaps you’re looking for an authentic Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, French, Danish or other voice for your on hold advertising or special project?

Our connection to well-known (and sometimes not-so-well-known but equally talented), national, regional, and global broadcast (Radio & TV) talent and creative types is unparalleled.  And with our roots deep in the broadcast industry, we are in a unique position to acquire talent, place media schedules and negotiate on behalf of those we represent.

At WMG, we have on staff and/or collaborate with all sorts of creatives.  From creative ad writers, graphic artists, web developers, video production specialists, professional on-air talent, studio engineers, and office support staff, WMG is here to assist you with any phase of your marketing and branding efforts.

So whether you’re tired of your current on-hold provider’s slow turn-around time, the limited choice of voices or have something larger at stake (a market wide media buy for example), we’re here and ready.

If you need help…