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Advertising On-Hold

With your image literally 'on the line' you now have the opportunity to impress, inform, educate and connect personally and professionally with those on hold.

Taking control of this very important environment lets you decide what your callers hear. You no longer take any chances with inappropriate talk, music or competitor’s commercials from the radio.

A professional on hold ad program will engage the listener, effectively shortening the perceived wait time allowing the perfect opportunity to connect with callers and build profit. The caller is entertained while being educated about your business resulting in a much enhanced, pleasant and beneficial time for both the caller and the business.

How it Works

It’s as easy as can be.

  • First: An account representative will consult with you to determine the best suited program level of service, equipment to be used or file type for the final production, etc.
  • Next: A copy writing professional will consult with you to obtain your marketing objectives. Copy is then written to achieve these objectives and sent to you for your approval or posted to your account on our web-based software for your review, changes and approval.
  • Third: Once approved the copy is voiced by broadcast professionals to match the desired and appropriate image of your business. You may instead opt to choose the talent from those listed on our website.
  • Finally: The finished production is delivered to you preinstalled in the equipment (where appropriate) and ready to play. We then call you to offer assistance with the installation if needed or desired.

That’s it!

Things to consider:

When choosing an on hold company

  1. Do you offer a turnkey package that includes everything (copy writing, voice talent, music licensing, installation assistance and on hold equipment)?
    WE DO.
  2. Will the equipment you offer work with my phone system?
    YES. We offer a complete lineup of digital on-hold equipment.
  3. How quickly can we get our service up and running?
    HOW’S TOMORROW? Although that’s a bit tongue in cheek, we can develop copy, voice and produce it and get it on its way to you within a day.
  4. Do you offer ‘real’ music (like we hear on the radio)?
    YES, we offer options for licensed music, just like your favorite radio station.
  5. Do you offer voicing in other languages?
    YES, all languages are available.
  6. Do you guarantee your work?
    Of course. 100%.

Why 'doing it yourself' is a bad idea

Ever listened to radio commercials done by the store owner? Pretty sad in some cases. Hokey comes to mind. Not to mention researching the million and one details that someone has to spend their time on: Copy writing, music licensing, commercial grade equipment designed for this 24/7 environment, production elements, recording the program, etc. etc. With the very low cost of a professionally written, voiced and produced on hold program, doing it yourself is simply a bad idea. And what do you gain in the long run, except perhaps stroking an ego? Certainly not saving money. It might also backfire by presenting that ‘hokey’ image mentioned earlier.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Put your best foot forward from the beginning! Chances are the calls you are receiving are a direct result of your marketing efforts. With all of the advertising dollars spent to get someone to call, doesn’t it just make good sense to make sure their first exposure to your company is as pleasant and professional as possible and that it matches your company image?

The Targeting Power of On Hold Advertising

Out of all your competitor’s, the prospect has called you. They’re now waiting; listening intently for their call to be picked up. Broadcast quality on hold programs place your messages at this critical point of contact, offering an affordable and efficient target marketing tool. The program becomes an important reflection of your company’s public profile and a key component in its’ advertising campaigns.

Improve customer relations and expand your business through increased product & services awareness. Every customer contact is highly pre-qualified because they have initiated the contact. That’s a marketing opportunity that no business should waste.