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Music On-Hold

When you place someone on hold, silence isn't golden. In fact, you may quickly lose the caller.  Here are the facts:

Music On Hold Stats

Extensive research has shown that callers will hang up if they mistakenly think they’ve been disconnected (no sound), hear irritating tones, offensive music or talk or simply wait too long. And SILENCE will make even a short wait on hold seem like an eternity.

Our first recommendation is to make the time more productive for the caller and the business by crafting an audio portrait of the business to entertain and educate callers while they wait. However, if advertising on hold is not your first choice, we offer hundreds of music-only programs in a wide variety of genre’s specifically geared toward the on hold environment.

How it Works

It’s as easy as one, two, three.

  • 1. Select the music genre you’d like that best represents your company (samples are to the right).
  • 2. An account representative will consult with you to determine the best suited program, level of service, equipment or file type to best match your phone system and to be used for the final production.
  • 3. The final music production is delivered to you complete with assistance in installation whenever needed.

That’s it!