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Voice Prompts & Greetings

What's your image worth?

Nearly all those that call your company will be exposed to your telephone prompts, if automated, whether they need to leave a message, wait on hold or receive navigational guidance. In those few critical moments, a clear, solid voice that reflects your company image is a vital part of maintaining the connection between you and your customers.

Voice Prompts, Greetings, IVR recordings and Voice MailAuto Attendant, Voice Prompts and Interactive Voice Response recordings are critical tools for many businesses. Powerful and useful, greetings and prompt recordings, when professionally recorded, will enhance a business’ identity, credibility and professionalism.

The human touch is vital to the success of automated voice technology. We take pride in our ability to give that warm and reassuring feel to your automated voice prompts while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

Businesses may spend thousands of dollars for automated systems but leave the crucial task of recording the greetings to a staff member with a “good voice.”

Unfortunately, when someone without formal training tries to sound ‘professional’ they usually end up sounding forced and unnatural. That “uncomfortable” feeling is projected to your callers and could lead to a lack of confidence in your business.

Our script writing professionals can aid you in crafting prompts that will get the caller from point A to point B… or even Z in the most efficient, helpful and friendly manner.

Voice mail recordings can be sent direct to your email address via high-speed internet in any format imaginable. MP3, .Wav, U-law and other strange letter combinations incomprehensible to everyone except our knowledgeable techie geeks. Or if you prefer, we can bundle the entire project onto an easy-to-use and store CD or DVD and ship it directly to you.

Don’t leave out this final, crucial step in putting your best foot forward.  We’re professionals in the business of audio recording and our network of professional voice talent spans the globe, so whether you need Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Russian, French, Canadian (eh?) or any other known language, we’re here to help!